Ristorante pizzeria Lo Squalo in Olbia

Full restaurant service

The Gulf of Olbia is a magic place where nature is unspotted and the sea is crystal clear: that’s why this destination is loved by tourists and nowadays it offers a large variety of attractions, resorts and entertainment. Here the interaction between man and nature is very strong and everybody can enjoy the beautiful landscape.
The Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Squalo in Olbia is no exception and, moreover, it benefits from a privileged position, being situated just a few meters away from the seaside: only the soft sand of Lo Squalo’s shore separates us from the sea.
The dear customers who decide to rely on our services will enjoy not only our delicious cuisine but also a unique environment characterised by the intense perfumes typical of theMediterranean scrub, the bright colours of our sea and vegetation and sounds, that of the gentle sea-waves lapping.
Our staff at the Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Squalo in Olbia are able to take the maximum advantage from this idyllic scene in the total respect of the environment, keeping the delicate balance between the local flora and fauna unaltered. All of this in the interests of our clients who definitely love spending pleasant and entertaining days with us.

We are really the ideal place for your relaxing moments, from the everyday coffee break to the cocktail at the end of the day, from romantic dinners to pizzas with friends, from Sunday lunches to family feasts, from ceremony and ritual occasions to job banquets.
You may tickle you appetite specialties that are always fresh thanks to the rich and generous Gulf’s sea, the fundamental resource of this area.
You would also relax by enjoying every dish and service with an added and priceless value, the amazing atmosphere we are able to offer: during the day you will admire the stunning sight of the Tavolara Island, at night you will be illuminated directly by the starry sky and by the moon reflection in the sea.
Among the Mediterranean scrub’s perfumes and the changing colours of the crystal clear water, every dish will taste even more delicious and every single moment spent here will seem as unique.
Finally, if you add our service and kind reception you will notice immediately that the Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Squalo in Olbia is a special place, a paradise corner precisely designed to recharge you and make you forget the everyday anxieties.

But there’s more: we are the ideal location for any kind of event, party or ceremony, the suitable place for any celebration, the perfect frame for any picture.
You shall not miss the chance to try the Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Squalo in Olbia for a pizza or a romantic dinner as well as for a number of other moments: this is the right place for your days by the seaside, pre-dinner cocktails, after-dinner musical entertainments, parties and ceremonies.
Everyday our skilled and expert staff organises and closely supervises many food and welcoming services: an all-inclusive beach resort, beverage service, collective lunch and dinner food service, catering and banqueting services for events and ceremonies, musical entertainment.
Our facility is open 24/7 at the beach as well as at the restaurant to offer you a full and extremely quick service.